Beginning with February, I’m starting in 2020 my personal career development quest. Do you want to do this quest with me? Then please continue reading.

In this quest I’m trying to give myself answers to the most common questions an artist in the music industry is struggling at:

How do I create a vision?
How do I set goals?
How do I make your career in music?
How do I develop a unique brand that is recognizable?
How do I get gigs?
How do I get releases?
How do I start an own label?

These are just a couple of first ideas that popped into my mind. I don’t have all answers yet. Actually I don’t even have all questions yet! But I’m happy to find out. And you can find out some answers for you too. That’s what #icanboogie is about. I’m going live on my Instagram every Tuesday to reflect about my week. I’m sharing every success, every drawback, every learning with you. You can watch me succeed, you can watch me fail, you can learn with me.

Important disclaimer:
This program is about my personal development. What is suitable for me can be suitable for you, but does not necessarily create success or $$$ for you. Just as me, you can try out and do some field research about what works for you and what doesn’t. But I’d be happy if you share the insight you got with me. Together we can achieve more.